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Endoscopy Asia is center of excellence in the field of Gastroenterology, Hepatology & Endoscopy provides safe, easy, quick, painless and cost effective solutions for diagnosis and treatment of all gastrointestinal and abdominal problems.

Endoscopy Asia pioneers in modern endoscopy and under the guidence of Dr. Vipulroy Rathod who has pioneered Endoscopic Ultrasound and Interventional Pancreato-Billary EUS in the indian subcontinent. As founder and director of Endosopy Asia ( his center of excellence in Mumbai), he has the large individual experience in advanced Endoscopy and Endoscopic Ultrasound with over 18000 EUS procedures including 8500 interventional EUS Procedures and equal number of advanced therapeutic endoscopic procedures and complex ERCP.

Apart from routine diagnostic and therapeutic OGD Scopy, Colonoscopy, ERCP and Endoscopic Ultrasound (EUS), Endoscopy Asia has also acquired the much needed Single Balloon Enteroscope. This will allow us detailed Evalution of the entire small bowel (intestine) thus there will be no blind areas in the gastrointestinal tract for the endoscopist at the entire tract from mouth to rectum is now accessible with a flexible endoscope and with ability of biopsy as well as therapeutic interventions. Single Balloon Enteroscopy scores over capsule endoscopy which is only a diagnostic tool as Biopsy and Interventions are not possible at present with the commercially available Capsule Endoscopy Technology.

Endoscopy Guru
It is an Educational Portal. It has an online endoscopic video library with voiceovers and live webcasting for training.
Dr. Rathod Medical Foundation
To Provide highly subsidized / free treatment to the underpriviledged and free medical health camps.
World Gastroenterology Institute [WGI]
WGI is promoted by Dr. Vipulroy Rathod (MS; FASGE). Dr Rathod has been in clinical practice in Mumbai for more than a decade as a Consultant Endoscopic Surgeon at various premier hospitals and has vast experience in the field of Advanced Endoscopy and Gastroenterology.
Pancreas Helpline
Endoscopy Asia Launch First Ever 24x7 Helpline for Patients suffering from pancreatic diseases.
Know Your Gut
The digestive system is made up of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract also called the digestive tract and the liver, pancreas, and gallbladder.


News Corner

Patients Testimonial


"it was beautiful featnice, all the best"
Ajay Singh Deol(Sunny Deol), Mumbai


"Good Hospital for Digestive System"
Sandip Patil, Mumbai


"Staff is Co-Operative and Dr. Vipulroy Rathod is Very Good and Understanding."
Rishi Bhawani, Mumbai


"Good Services and Staff Members are Very Good"
Suhas P Wandhare, Mumbai


"Very Good Service, Excellent Dr Rathod, very much Co-Operative staff is good and helpful. Hospital is recommended"
V B Jain, Mumbai


"Efficient and Timely staff, 7 star service with a smile, staff membrs very Good. "
Adnan Mayet , india


"Good Service and Staff Members are very Good. "
Suhas Wandhare , india


"staff is cooperative and Dr Vipulroy Rathod is very Much Good understanding. "
Rishi Bhavani , india


"Best Hospital, Best Service "
Aruna Shah , india


"Very Co-Operative staff and Nice Service "
Ritesh Shah , india


"Total Staff, Treatement are was very Good "
S N Sawant , india


"Very Good Staff response and very Helpful for patient."
Nirmala Doke, India


"Very Good Atmosphere & always helpful & Smiling staff."
Mr Ashok Gaikwad, India


"Very Good facilities."
Sudhir Jain, India


"best wishes for upcoming Hospital. Excellent Service by all the staff Specially Mr Mahesh & Mrs Preeti."
Zairuddin Khan, India


"Great works. Great technology, Very Positive Staff. My best Wishes for Upcoming Hospital."
Ketan Mehta, India


"Excellent and Improvement for my Father"
Aslam Khan, India


"Excellent service, Very Co-operative staff, Dr is very good."
Hiren N Shah, India


"Excellent doctor who is wonderful. We are very impressed in the world class clinic. Our daughter was in outstanding hands. Dr and Mrs Rathod are just good."
Shailesh & Kalyani Patel, India


"Nice Ambiance, Good Staff, Great Diagnosis, Superb Doctor. "
Dr. Nimi Gehlot, India


"Very good experienced staff all excellent good services and Doctor was very confident and co-operative over all very good treatment."
Prash Jain, India


"आपले अमूल्य सहकार्य व आजारी व्यक्तीला मिळालेला आधार यात आपल्या इंडोस्कोपी एशिया मधील सर्व डॉ. व सर्व कर्मचारी वर्ग यांचे शतशः आभार. धन्यवाद् !"
श्री धनके तो. आ. , इंडिया


"Overall experience was very good. Staff is very co-operative. Dr Rathod is very Co-Operative and good by heart apart from being well experienced, Music was awesome, Anesthesia too good. "
Dr. Deepali P Thakur, India


"Everything was superb. Dr. Rathod is very good excellent doctor & person too. We felt cent-percent safe & satisfied in his Hands. And overall setup was also very good each & every person in staff was just like family member. It is said, if starting is good, then everything will be perfect till end. Same is here, when we enter, first we go to reception, which gives 110% of them to patient for there queries & satisfying them with smooth discussion & Guidance. God Bless you always!"
Ankit Bhagdeo, India


"Dr Rathod is a true visionary & way ahead of his times. A noble cause coupled with a extra caring atmosphere & staff. He is creating an ecosystem which will one day transform this field for the better for the entire race. God bless!"
Chintan Chande, India


"आम्ही पेशंटला घेऊन आल्याबरोबर डॉ. नी फार चांगली ट्रीटमेंट देऊन आजार नाहीसा केला."
विवेकानंद आत्माराम पाटील, बोईसर , महाराष्ट्र , इंडिया


"Excellent staff! Magical environment in clinic. Very-very helpful doctor. Hats of to Dr Rathod, thank you very much. Really living god for my father helped without surgery. Satisfied with treatment and doctor "
Kavin Kapadia, India


"हम परवेज़ खान भोपाल से अपने भांजे की पेट की तकलीफ से बहुत परेशान थे लेकीन कुछ खास आराम नहीं मिल पा रहा था! चेकअप करने के बाद डॉ ने बताया की खाने की नली चौक हो गयी है! तथा ऑपरेशन के जरिये एक बैंड डलेगा जो डाल दिया गया! लेकिन बाद में तकलीफ फिर होने लगी! हमें बताया गया की जो नली डाली है उसकी वजह से पेट में वरम आ गया हैं! वरम उतारने के लिए दवा दी गई फिर ऑपरेशन करने की तैयारी की गई जो की नाकाम हो गई! फिर हम को किसी ने बताया की मुंबई में एक अस्पताल है! एंडोस्कोपी एशिया जो की डॉ विपुलरॉय राठोड की देख रेख में है! डॉ साहब और उनका स्टाफ भी बहुत अच्छा है! हमें एहसास ही नहीं हुआ की हम घर से दूर है! अभी मरीज अच्छा हो गया है! एक दिन रोक कर उसे डिस्चार्ज कर दिया गया!"
परवेज़ खान, भोपाल, इंडिया


"Excellent service with outstanding care. i Have been amazed to find the level of advanced endoscopic treatment and humanistic philosophy at Endoscopy Asia. I wish its continuing success."
Prof. Dr. SwapanKumar Bala, India


"Good is efficient in all aspects. Very transperant is good hospitality keep up the good work. Well organised."
Judi Fortado, Mumbai, Maharashtra


"Excellent time span consultation & procedure schedulling, staff was also very helpful. Personal time given by doctor to indivisual patient was very good."
Harshal Tejale , Mumbai, Maharashtra


"We are very happy about Dr Rathod Sir, diagnosis and treatment. As he said `We Believe in quality` today quality is much more important than quantity. And i believe in Imagination is more important than Knowledge."
Dr Amir Khan, Mumbai, Maharashtra


"The Excellent painless Endoscopy - very professional service, personal care magic touch with full information on the problem, education to patient to overcome dieses and become normal - Congradulation to Dr Vipulropy Rathod."
Bharat Merchand , Mumbai, Maharashtra


"It was an excellent experience to be in one of the best medical center in the world. And of course in the best hand. Highly professional setup. Our prayers for truthful enhancement. God Bless you. "
Group Captain M H Zaki, Indian Force , India


"Excellent service, very co-operative staff and Dr. Rathod is an authority in his field. Very gratefull to him. He is like god for us. "
Umesh Kulkarni, Panvel, Maharashtra


"Good Proffesionalism is maintained. Good and Efficient staff. The Ambience is commandable all the best. "
Swati S, Mumbai, Maharashtra


"I would call it the Floor of Science as I had a pleasant experience of both OGD Scopy and Colonoscopy. The staff is very approchable and is excellent in coordination. I sensed positive energy throught the floor."
Benafsha Irani, Mumbai, Maharashtra


"Great Experience. Our Sincere regards to Dr. Rathod and the team at Endoscopy Asia, we appreciate everything he did for us in this time of Difficulty."
Dr. Hrushikesh Vaidya, Mumbai, Maharashtra


"Endoscopy Asia is a place none like any other! Cooperative and Excellent staff, peaceful environment, pleasant ambience, painless and quick endoscopy and Dr. Rathod was so good with us, it was like he adds a personal touch to everything that he does."
Rahul D Mahini, India


"From the time we met Dr. Rathod, during the procedure and admission we never felt that it was a hospital such was the environment and involvement of everybody at Endoscopy Asia."
Usha Sejpal, India


"The medical services are great, there is no doubt about it. Dr. Rathod is the master of this art and truly we got the best treatment for our patient. Thank you and god bless you."
Shobit Tiwari, India


"We are very happy with the timely diagnosis and treatment that we received for Dr. Rathod. I Now understand what true quality is!"
Dr. A Khan, Mumbai, Maharashtra


"This institute not only deals with body but with the mind also. Dr. Rathod not only a doctor but he is a magnician who has heals patient with his healing touch. Spirituality and science goes hand in hand. I had visited them for the first time in excruciating pain but Dr. Rathod`s soothing touch and treatment healed me completely and i was even able to give my final law exams. For me he is a another form of God."
Nitesh Ahuja, Mumbai, Maharashtra


"So far it has been a wonderful experience to get the scopy done at Endoscopy Asia. Dr. rathod Helped us avoid open surgery and treatment my 73yrs old father in law with amazing conviction. Definitely the knowledge and skill possessed by Dr. Rathod can prove to be a boon for those with GI Problems. I must also mention the staff who are very helpful and approchable."
Niraj Patil, Thane, Maharashtra


"I came along with my Mother in law for her endoscopy and i actually got the opportunity to see the whole procedure and as to what the complications were with her. Tha staff is very patient, helpful and answer all our queries."
Dolly Somaya, Mumbai, Maharashtra


"My first experience with endoscopy somewhere else was not that great hence I was worried about my second endoscopic procedure which I chose to do at Endoscopy Asia. All my concern and fever vanished when I reached the institute and met Dr. Rathod. I even did not come to know when my procedure finished, there was no discomfort what so ever at all. Amazing!"
Yogesh Naik, Mumbai, Maharashtra


"This is my Second experience with Dr. Rathod. My earlier experience prompted me to come here again. I had full faith in the doctor`s ability and dignosis. The quickness of the procedure with minimal discomfort is very assuring. I am very satisfied with Endoscopy Asia."
Hemlata Jain, India


"No words to describe Dr Rathod. For me he is next to God. The staff of Endoscopy Asia is also an amazing staff. Very Very helpful especially Mrs. Preeti God bless you all."
Rakesh Chourasia, India


"Out of this world treatment, never had better hospitality before recommend to anyone. Keep it up! Good Luck God Bless."
Anita Dadarwala, India


"It was a good and convenient process. The staff and Dr. were really good and we are not different than family"
Ankit Khumar, India


"During the process & admission we never feel that we are in hospital such a nice staff & environment is lovely"
Usha J. Sejpal, india


"Excellent staff co-operation & fully satisfied with all services. Appreciate Dr. Rathod`s very personal touch "
Rahul D Mohini, India


"Its a great experience. Thank you very much to whole of your team"
Somenkumar Das, India


"Great Experience our regards to Dr. Rathod. Sincerely appreciate everything he did. Thank you from Vaidya Family "
Dr. Hrushikesh Vaidya, Mumbai, Maharashtra


"Excellent staff, very approachable people. A pleasant experience of the endoscopy & colonoscopy. Very positive energy flowing through the floor of science"
Benafsha Irani , Mumbai, Maharashtra


"Dr. Vipulroy Rathod is a Brilliant doctor in india we all proud of Doctor and the treatment is good. Thanks"
Paresh Patel, India


"Dr Rathod is a Brilliant doctor & has expert in his diagnosis. We are really thankful to him for all the suggestion & medical given my him Thank you so much"
Mr.Rathi, India


"Excellent staff, thank you Dr vipulroy Rathod"
Stephan Mitta, India


"Staff are fantastic and most importantly they make you relaxed. Dr Vipul and his team were excellent in their diagnosis and showed us the path to recovery. Thank you Endoscopy asia. "
Satish Hebber, India


"Doctor as well as the whole staff is very very very nice & Co-Operative I have ever seen. Thanks a lot. God bless you all"
Amit Khanchandani, Akola, Maharashtra


"Everything was good the staff is excellent thanks a lot. thank you "
A Zaveri, India


"Excellent diagnosis - Excellent looking after by staff. Thanks a lot"
S K Mukharji, India


"Efficient staff with extraordinary, caring Dr"
Kashinath Bharade, India


"Best treatment provided for any stomach disease. Thankyou !"
Kiran Dedhia, India


"Dr. Vipulroy Rathod for me is same as God. God Bless him"
Dipak Tandel, India


"Dr. Vipulroy Rathod took out all the bacteria from me, thus giving a much lighter feeling. I am really comfortable and free from my abdominal problems"
Dr. N.VinodKumar, India


"Best diagnosis, best arrangements for the patients and relatives"
Hitesh Shah, India


"We acknowledge the best diagnosis with latest technology. We appreciate Dr. Rathod`s human approach"
Jasmine Sanghavi, India


"Excellent facility, very efficient staff and of course an exceptionally profoundly gifted doctor"
Smita Shah, India


"It was a very good experience with Dr. Rathod and his staff- they were very kind and helpful"
Sunil Mhatre, India


"Felt relaxed once we entered your clinic and the staff and particularly Dr. Vipulroy Rathod gave us and the patient great courage and courtesy"
Nikhil Contractor, India


"Great place. Dr. Vipul cures U by just a touch. Poornima is the best friend one can have and some body one need in every clinic/ hospital"
Ajitpal Mangat, India


"Dr. Vipul is sitting in heaven and listening to our prayers and relieving us from sorrow- Your clinic is a soothing place. May God bless you for your kind deeds and words. I will surely let all whom I know, that yours is a place where prayers are answered. Thank you Dr."
Ashok Mahale, Mumbai, Maharashtra


"The doctors and the staff were very co-operative and kind. Good hospitality with a 5 star ambience. Best wishes"
Manoj Raghu, India


"Excellence is less word for the doctor’s job. He is the best among the best. This is not the hospital it is a 7 star hotel and the staff is really friendly"
Nirali Rajpara, India


"It was enlightening experience for us just spending some time with the doc. Why can`t all doctors be like him? You make India proud- thank you Sir."
Kamble Dinkar, Mumbai, Maharashtra


"Thanks to Dr. Rathod proper guidance given to us and increase our confidence"
Sulochana Sakhare, India


"Truly an experience of trust, competence and commitment. Great team Professional, kind. Thanks for proper guidance excellent team work."
Parab Amit, Mumbai, Maharashtra


"Really I got much happy by the treatment and I prey the God to give energy to the doctor to serve the people always"
Kamal Prabha Dalal, India


"Received very very good treatment"
Sunil Kulkarni, Maharashtra


"Very satisfied with your overall service"
Jagdish Jethwani, India


"Nice ambiance good consultation"
Dr. C.S.Joshi, India


"Good set up with professional excellence gives confidence"
Hansa Kapadia, India


"Superb treatment, state of the art facilities and very cheerful doctor and co-operative staff"
Anuradha Badrinath, India


"Came for Endoscopy - excellent, efficient and symptomatic experience out of the world"
P.K.Badrinath, India


"Very efficient, Proper treatment, very well equipped and very very good"
Jasmin Sanghavi, India


Hope and wife (Nigeria), Nigeria


"Beyond excellence and height of confidence of Dr. Rathod"
Tokershi Chheda, India


"Very good treatment, excellent job, I am really happy from the treatment given by Dr. Rathod and staff is very good and supportive"
Nehal Patel, India


"Very practical and straight forward doctor. Very soft at heart and a good human being. God Bless doctor and all the best Thanks."
Vedak Mandar, India


"Nice hospital, every thing clean and maintained, supportive staff. Very supportive and straight forward doctor"
Shankarlal Bahety, India


"It is a very educated institute and nice facilities too. Please keep is up"
Shantidevi Kala, India


"It`s not just treatment its education as well"
Alpana Patil, India


"Doctor`s nature is very good and very humble so please doctor all is well. May God Bless U."
Bhurke Vivek, Mumbai, Maharashtra


"Very nice. Presently surprised when seen the facility. God Bless!!"
Pinkesh Kapadia, India


"Very sincere, professional excellent clinical and surgical skills"
Dr. Bhavin Patel, India


"Doctor is nature wise very good and suggestion is powerful. There is no alternate of him, he is having very good personality and also behavior is very nice"
Pratik Makwana, India


"No words to express my feelings to doctor and the entire staff, 7 Star."
Shahrukh Irani, India


"Treatment is effective and excellent"
Tarun Arora, India


"Good Ambiance professional and patient friendly attitude explanations by doctor were clear and good"
Sunil Bhutani, India


"Good Doctor, Good Staff and very Good Checkup"
Sushant Dhal, India


"Treatment to patient is excellent; handling of emotions is excellent, staff attitude- polite and smiling"
Nitin Pota, India


"Very good service. Dr. Rathod is my saviour !"
Rupinder Kaur, Mumbai, Maharashtra


"Highly expensive but neat and clean environment with secure and reliable process of endoscopy. No fear, no pain, smooth process"
Dr. Jitendra Kumar Tiwari, India


"Probably the best treatment on the planet…….!!!"
Vinayak Pagedar, India


"Thanks for your help! It was an amazing experience"
Dr. Hemandra Bhardwaj, India


"Treatment as well as comments and suggestions were given by the doctor was excellent. Thanks to all !"
Pravin Rawool, India


"Good Ambiance professional and patient friendly attitude explanations by doctor were clear and good"
Sunil Bhutani, India


"Remarkable job towards humanity, excellent work with ambience, supportive and co-operative staff. Dr. V. Rathod is just extraordinary excellent and great and appreciate work done towards humankind solved one of our critical case. Hats off------"
Sayyed Sohail Khan, India


"You had given so nice advice that my friend gets new life"
Ajay Patel, India


"Nice and very quick service good. I like it"
Salim Bankar, India


"Improved and better management which we feel is fulfilling our dream of relief from chronic disorders. Added with humanly advice, we are thankful to you"
Dr. P.J. Patil, India


"Very immediate response and good opinion, we appreciate for his honest speaking / advice"
Srinivasan Iyer, India


"Good response and very much satisfied treatment"
Mohandas Suvarna, India


"Very good adviser excellent explanations smart, intelligent and talented in Mumbai area and advance technique used. Impressed and fully satisfied"
Kamla Jain, India


"Unblievable Dr. Rathod. No difference in your commitment and performance. Your set is more transparent then glass. You are a god send for ailing persons of India and Abroad. I wish a good luck for your prosperity"
Pramod Bhatt, India


"Endoscopic operation was very risky but Dr. Rathod done very successfully. Many many thanks for Dr. Rathod"
Gajanan Raut, India


"Thanks Dr. Rathod for all your quick and prompt feedback for my nephew have not been so confidence it`s only after meeting up with u felt he can survive. Thanks So Much. God Bless."
Surender Thakur, India


"I am very grateful to Vipul Sir and his team for taking excellent care of my wife Sujata. Here is quality beyond comparision"
Dr. Prasad Agashe, PUNA, MAHARASHTRA


"Blissfull-work very well done thank you for every thing- God is here"
Shivanjali Mansukhbhai, India


"Received perfect opinion about the health issue. Thanks to Dr. Rathod and whole staff for their service"
Cohen D`silva, India


"Very well organized well instructed led procedure. Despite the difficulty of the case sampling was taken very precisely without complications. Very good quality of clinical work and very well administrated."
Jagruti Bhatia, India


"Superb facility, Good and welcoming staff, Dr. Rathod confidence is commendable and he is an authority on the subject."
Amit Dhadphale, India


"Felt very nice and after consultation for patient very much relieved from the tension, very knowledgeable Dr and staff was co-operative. God Bless him for such nice work."
Vinay Mehta, India


"The doctor is simply the best, very good friendly staff. Felt very relieved and comfortable undergoing treatment here"
Arun Iyer, India


"Good Technology, staff’s behaviour is very good, Dr. is very knowledgable person, Good co-operation and advance technology must be given 100% success"
Jayant Walinjkar, India


"Remarkable infrastructure, Ethicol values, State of the art facilities and Co-operative staff"
Dr. Neeraj Jain, India


"I am satisfied with the service and co-operation"
Prema Salian, India


"The service and technology is very good"
Falguni Mehta, India


"Excellent service and results just can`t be explained with words"
Dr. Jayanta Das, India


"Dr. Rathod is magician, has helped me tremendously in the most delicate phase of my life, not only as a doctor but as a human being as well very kind staff."
Sudip Tewari, India


"Efficient staff with extraordinary caring"
Dr.Kashinath Bharade, India


"Fantastic State of the art Endoscopy centre with Humane touch. Keep it up"
Asha Kamat, India


"It was a unique experience to see Dr. Rathod performing. It was the best procedure which I have seen in 26 years of my General practice. Lot of Patients will certainly get a class treatment with expertise and latest technology"
Dr.Priti K Acharya, India


"A Spiritual Experience"
Dr. Upasani, India


"Most Helpful and Most Supportive"
Schubert Vaz, India


"Good Care Taker. Good Consultancy"
Dr. Ramesh Talreja, India


"Nice Experience!!! Thank you.."
Dr. Riddhi B.Trivedi, India


"One of the best facilities with great care of the patient. The word BEST is also small in comparison to treatment and facilities provided We wish all the best for expansion and dream is to convert Endoscopy Asia into the Worlds Best Gastro Hospital"
Shantaben Shah, India


"Best facility I have ever seen. Quick results"
Pramod Raut, India


"Very satisfied by all means"
Tarun Soni, Mumbai, Maharashtra


"Human touch to everything you do. That makes the difference!! Keep it up!!"
Prithpal Singh Chedha, India


"My husband is now in safe scientific hands. Thank you very much and we look forward to your great work"
Namrata Mehta, India


"I feel Dr. Rathod is just like GOD. He is too good"
Ajit Bora, India


"The Gem of our Navsari, and I feel very honoured to meet him. Its very good experience"
Kalpesh Panchuli, India


"Good Experience and nice visuals of Endoscopy"
Shanti Narayan, India


"Good human and a through gentlemen. Extremely Excellent Professional with friendly attitude. Excellent facilities with gentle staff and lovely ambience.!"
Mukul Sigtia, India


"Really for me it was a different experience. We found and when we met Dr. Rathod, he explained and discussed the matter in depth and very importantly in the language which we understand"
Hitesh Doshi, India


"A very good experience. Thank You."
Naomi Irani, India


"It was really nice meeting Dr. Vipul Sir and had a talk with him. I really felt that I met a Magician in Endoscopy World"
Dr.Mrugraj Murtdak, India


"Excellent! I am amazed"
Dr. Pradip C.Shah, India


"Thank you! Painless Endoscopy. Excellent!"
Jupith D Souza, India


"Lot of Thanks to cure my lovely daughter"
Shailika Kishore, India


"The Biggest pleasure of the pain that brought me here to Dr. Rathods clinic. A rare combination of a good human and professionalism as well - all bravo!"
Major S.C.Joshi, India


"We have immense trust in Dr. Rathod. May God Bless him for doing such a wonderful job and treating so many patients with utmost care, humility and professionalism"
Kamala Vjwani, India


"Pleasure to meet and seeks guidance from Dr. Vipul, because of whom our mother is able to sleep peacefully. Nice hospital and staff, the service is of great level"
Pushpa Kumar, India


"Excellent! Good Combination of Technology & Expertise"
Francis X. Kasendwa, India


"Excellent service. We are satisfied"
Sharda Mody, India


"I am satisfied with the Doctors advice and his treatment"
Kishanchand Golani, India


"This is a best centre I have visited and experienced with great satisfaction and my brother was diagnosed properly. Our salute to Dr. Rathod and all the staff members who attended to us"
Suresh Chhatbar, India


"Well Organized skillful well equipped"
Jigar Patel, Mumbai, Maharashtra


"This centre is centre of excellence in Endoscopy particularly Dr. Vipulroy Rathod"
Dr. K.N.Warede, India


"God is here in doctors hands that is why we believe in doctor because god has given them bless to cure others. Thankyou !"
Royston Dsouza, India


"A very Good human being not forgetting a very good doctor, specialist, knows his job thoroughly and very honest"
Vinod Choudhary, India


"It is a great example of man with the skill and accuracy of the machine (technology). I feel proud to be a patient of Dr. Vipulroy Rathod, such a great personality"
Prakash Waghmare, India


"Good clinic and treatment also. Sir explained everything nicely worth the wait"
Kavita Ghag, India


"Everything is good"
Vishal Singh, India


"Dr. Vipul is sitting in heaven and listening to our prayers and relieving us from sorrow- your clinic is a soothing place. May god bless you for your kind deeds and words. I will surely let all whom I know, that yours is a place where prayers are answered. Thank you Doctor"
Ashok Mahale, India


"It is very good experience with Dr. Rathod and his staff they are very helpful and kind, Thanks"
Sunil Mhatre, India


"Great place. Dr. Vipulroy cures you by just a touch. Purnima is the best friend one can have and somebody like her should be there in every clinic/hospital"
Ajitpal Mangat, India


"Felt relaxed once we entered your clinic and the staff and particularly Dr. Vipulroy Rathod gave us and the patient great courage an courtesy"
Nikhil Contractor, India


"Exellent facility, very efficient staff & of course an exceptionally profoundly gifted doctor!"
Smita Shah, India


"Best diagnosis, best arrangements to the patients for relief and very good co-operative staff"
Hitesh Shah, India


"Dr. Vipulroy Rathod for me is same as a God. God bless him"
Deepak Tandel, India


"Dr. Vipulroy Rathod took out all the bacteria from me, thus giving a much lighter feeling. I am really comfortable & free from my abdominal problems"
Dr. N. Vinodkumar, India